Apply Service Design to your business challenge.

FUZERS supports you in leading the delivery of all aspects of the service innovation projects from research and insights through prototypes and tests with customers to the implementation agenda.

Research & Insights

Deep understanding of how your customers interact with your service or brand is crucial for any service innovation project.

Through qualitative research and methods like observation, deep interviews, customer workshop and service safaris you will discover different contexts and gain deeper understanding of your customers needs and emotions.

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Service Design

You can design services and make them remarkable for you customers.

By using tools and methods like customer journey, service blueprint, co-creation, design workshops, prototyping and testing with customers we will support you in delivering tangible service innovations concepts ready for further development and implementation.

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Training & Mentoring

Making service innovation happen in a long term is not only about tools, methods and processes.

It is about people and their approach and actions. Through internal trainings, workshops and mentoring we will skill up your innovation leaders to be ready to take a challenge, lead a process and deliver tangible results.

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Customer Journey Design for IKEA Business Touch Point

Designing Customers Journeys for the opening event of the world's first IKEA Business Touch Point.

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About us

FUZERS explore things, search for new concepts and ideas

We are a team of design enthusiast who believe that all of us deserve well designed services and experiences.

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How to implement Service Design Thinking in your organization?

There are 3 activities worth undertaking if you wish to employ Service Design Thinking.

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