We are a service design agency

This means that we will help you become a favourite customer brand


About us

We work with those who are ready for change

We support companies and institutions through:

  • co-creating new services and business models
  • diagnosis and improvement of their clients’ experience
  • development of the ability to create solutions that respond to rapidly changing customer needs


Working with us

We combine the client's perspective with business expectations. That's how we deliver concrete results.

Working with us is:

  • going beyond the usual patterns of action and thinking
  • external perspective, inspiration and fresh look
  • best practices (including Service Design, Design Thinking, Lean Startup)


Our philosophy

You can observe the world as always. You can also look through FUZERS.

FUZERS is not just a company. This is the prism through which we look at reality. At the right angle, paying attention to customers and their experience. Looking through FUZERS we can see more and more accurately. We see what we need to focus on delivering value to clients and business.

This is FUZERS.

A fresh look and a broad perspective.


Krzysztof Ożóg

Service Design Lead


Katarzyna Michalak

Research Lead


Anna Blicharz

Office assistant


Katarzyna Trochimiak

Design Researcher


Piotr Wojciechowski

CEO, Service Designer


Izabela Wilk

Junior Service Designer


Aleksandra Piasecka

Service Designer
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