Meet your service design crew

We are a team of design enthusiast who believe that all of us deserve well designed services and experiences.

Form the left.

Krzysztof Ożóg, Marek Urban, Katarzyna Michalak, Piotr Wojciechowski.

With us you can experience a tangible process of designing services and experiences.

  • Interdisciplinary team and multi sector experience
  • Long-term partner who loves to work with you. Not only for you
  • Experienced in applying service design in corporate and non-corporate environment

Our expertise

Our main expertise is Service Design, that gives our work structure and tools. Besides that our strong competence is facilitation and training, as our team has a strong business-training background.

Our work

Service Design Network

We are members of the Service Design Network - a global organization aiming to promote Service Design. For us this membership is an opportunity to share experiences, gain new knowledge and being up to date with service design news and trends.

Get to know more about SDN.


We want to live in the world where people do not waste their time standing in queues, do not lost themselves in app interface or lost their nerves arguing with customer service consultants and tons of papers are not used to print complicated forms.

We believe that all you needed to take care of someone’s experience are openness, simplicity and a bit of engagement. That is what we are.

  • Tomasz Kuryło

    Branding & Communication

  • Tomasz Ronda

    UX Designer

  • Agnieszka Duda-Jastrzębska


Our Service Design Core Team is an expert in the filed of applying Service Design to business challenges.

But we don't know everything and since time to time we reach the point where we need fresh knowledge, expertise and perspectives.

That is why we cooperate with a group of the official FUZERS' partners who are trusted experts supporting us and our projects.