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Who is an Agile Coach?

Agile Coach has a supportive role in the process of change and transformation management. A person that shares knowledge, experience and tools as well as supports everyday project work, verifies whether teams head in the right direction on the daily. It is an external force that teaches the teams how to work in a completely new way thanks to his or her experience until they become independent.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching services are all about supporting the organization and responsible teams on the regular basis in e.g. innovation, digital transformation, introducing and perfecting Agile as well as introducing project (Service Design or Design Thinking) practices and methods. Its goal is to create independent and agile teams that will generate more added value for business in the long run (e.g. by quickly developing, testing and implementing new solutions or better understanding customer’s perspective). In order for it to happen, we need new competences and look on our everyday work from a completely new perspective.

What do we do in terms of Agile Coaching?


Monitor project processes and verify whether various methods are properly implemented.


Help start and teach what to do next while working with agile methods.


Consult and help solving everyday business and organizational issues.

Good practices

Show new or unfamiliar practices, methods and tools that have not been used in the organization before.


Inspire and motivate teams to self-development and looking for inspiration to innovations and improvements on current basis.


Teach agile and project methods.

Support on the daily

Support people that have key roles in the teams (e.g. Scrum Master, Product Owner etc.) everyday.


Support in implementing agile and project methods and practices e.g. by taking on the key roles in a given team and facilitating important meetings (workshops, summaries, project meetings etc.)

What do customers say?

  • While working with FUZERS, you get an energy and knowledge bomb. Krzysztof Ożóg guided us through the design thinking process, described goals of each stage in a coherent way, and managed a cycle of meetings that lasted over 2 months.

    Łukasz Wiktor
    Head of Retail Products and Processes Department
  • „When can you say that a training brought you desired effects? For sure, when after 8 hours of intensive workshops, participants are on the edge of their seat and want more. They read more, discover “new” in themselves and their environment, they simply want to change. That’s what creative sessions with Piotr do. Professional and inspiring. ”

    Roksana Popowicz
    Product Manager, Societe Generale Poland
  • I invited Piotr to participate in workshops dedicated to designing experience of corporate clients during purchasing or opening banking products. Even though Piotr was time limited and had a lot of requirements regarding the scope of workshops and its results, he managed to do a great job. His preparation, professionalism and engagement was highly appreciated by participants. I do recommend his service and customer experience design skills.

    Klaudia Pilch
    Transformation Manager, ING Bank Śląski

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