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Innovation is a team work

In many organizations, new ideas are not always welcome because they are not communicated to proper people in a suitable way. For this reason, it is important to have an internal innovation team with strong leaders that would successfully manage the process of discovering, designing and implementing innovation in the organization.

If you feel like your organization needs something like this and you are looking for reliable methods for building and developing such a team, let us know.

Innovation team – this is what we do

Efficient allocation of resources, minimizing the lack of competences and communication are the biggest challenges that companies face while building internal innovation teams. 

Knowledge transfer

Your team will get a strong dose of knowledge and inspiration that will positively influence their work. You will gain neat solutions for processes and communication. We will answer all of your questions.

Combining team members

We will give you tips and trick to building the best team possible including how to use people’s talents to benefit your organization. Should they work centrally or should you combine employees from various departments and regions? What competences should you look for?

Organization of work

The team should address organization’s needs. We will ensure it by designing a workflow that will respond to the needs of internal stakeholders and processes that already exists in the company.

Audit of effectiveness

We will propose KPIs for assessing your teams effectiveness as well as show you how to introduce improvement in a way and scope of work.

mBank’s internal innovation team

An internal innovation team is a proof that an organization wants to adapt to a dynamically changing market that is focused on the end-user and innovation. Building such a unit in the most effective way ensures that you take care of not only your company’s and processes’ development but also about the awareness of cooperation with external providers.

Ask about internal innovation teams

Feel free to write to us! We answer quickly so you will not wait for hours for our response.