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We conduct business trainings for corporate employees. We focus on a broad area of service design and moderating project processes in big as well as small teams. We share our experience gained in cooperation with the biggest players on the market.

If you need business training that is not included in our offer, please feel free to contact us. We will find a solution that will satisfy your needs.

Service Design Thinking

Service Design Thinking Intro is aimed at people who look for tested methods and solutions that support going outside the box, and who also want to effectively diagnose real needs of the end-user. Gained knowledge will help you to develop well-thought solutions that were designed with their users in mind.

Event Design

Conferences, seminars or other similar events should bring added value and real benefits to participants. That is why, we have created the Event Design training based on our experience gained in numerous projects and engagement in organizing TEDx, and the best practices of TED.

Process facilitation

A facilitator plans, prepares and conducts meetings or workshop sessions within the process. His or her goal is to provide a healthy environment for cooperation between all participants of the meeting. Facilitator ensures that a group of people work together on coming up with a solution for a given issue and make a final decision.

Creative techniques in business

This training will develop your teams competences in terms of effectively generating ideas and solutions during corporate brainstorming meetings, enhancing creativity and engagement in a project team as well as going outside the box.

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