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Creativity in business

This part is not only about integration but rather about showing how to spark creativity in business:

  • We will discuss chosen tools and methods (including Dixit cards, superposition, FUZERS Inspiration Cards, story cubes) + move our bodies owing to workshop exercises that are definitely unconventional
  • We will discuss how to motivate to work in a team as well as characteristics of a good facilitator


We provide you will knowledge regarding brainstorming including:

  • Ways to effectively prepare an ideas generation session;
  • Methods for creating personas with examples;
  • Rules for a classic brainstorming session together with its variations;
  • Ideas generation process implemented by FUZERS.

Organizing the process

This part is devoted to working on a challenge chosen by FUZERS, and using new tools e.g.:

  • Ideas selection – How to effectively choose ideas and evaluate them taking into account criteria defined earlier, and what is clustering?
  • Idea evaluation card – How to better evaluate ideas and choose those that can be later developed?
  • Idea development card – How to develop an idea, think how it is going to work and be implemented?

The training develops following competences:

Good ideas

Effectively generating ideas and solutions during corporate brainstorming sessions.


Creative and critical thinking;
going outside the box.


Integrating the team around the idea of creativity.

A different perspective

Looking at a challenge from many perspectives.


Allocating resources and using time in the project
in a more optimal way. Reducing costs by decreasing
the number of changes made in the final solution.

Educational materials

Service Design educational materials that participants receive. Over 20 methods and project tools, 58 pages of practical knowledge to be used right away!


400 hours of facilitation conducted

We have conducted over 400 hours of facilitation on all organizational levels. We know how to direct and engage project team so they deliver tangible effects.

We design experience for the best

We are able to use our experience from more than 20 project processes for brands such as IKEA, mBank, group, Eurobank, Skanska, Tauron Distribution or ING in your organization. We understand work in complex corporate structures and are able to design a process that will be valuable for participants and business.

What do customers say?

  • While working with FUZERS, you get an energy and knowledge bomb. Krzysztof Ożóg guided us through the design thinking process, described goals of each stage in a coherent way, and managed a cycle of meetings that lasted over 2 months.

    Łukasz Wiktor
    Head of Retail Products and Processes Department
  • „When can you say that a training brought you desired effects? For sure, when after 8 hours of intensive workshops, participants are on the edge of their seat and want more. They read more, discover “new” in themselves and their environment, they simply want to change. That’s what creative sessions with Piotr do. Professional and inspiring. ”

    Roksana Popowicz
    Product Manager, Societe Generale Poland
  • I invited Piotr to participate in workshops dedicated to designing experience of corporate clients during purchasing or opening banking products. Even though Piotr was time limited and had a lot of requirements regarding the scope of workshops and its results, he managed to do a great job. His preparation, professionalism and engagement was highly appreciated by participants. I do recommend his service and customer experience design skills.

    Klaudia Pilch
    Transformation Manager, ING Bank Śląski

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