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Customer experience

Customer experience (CX) is a product of an interaction between a customer, a brand and its offering in different touchpoints. Opening a new bank account, shopping, going on a trip, buying groceries or repairing a car – it all generates some sort of experience for us. You can check it by recalling a company that you think warmly about or cannot think about at all.


58% of clients are willing to pay more for a better experience (American ExpressResearch).

Customer experience is a strategic goal

It is the experience not the price or technical specification that nowadays tends to influence shopping decisions, and is the thing that makes a given brand stand out on the market that is becoming more and more competitive.American Express’ research proves it by showing that 58% of clients are willing to pay more for a better experience.

Bloomberg Businessweek questionnaire proves that “companies polled rated customer experience as a top strategic objective.” What’s more, according to Digital Marketing Trends Report, customer experience is seen as one of key areas of business development that companies are willing to invest in.

Customer journey map

One of the tools for verifying customer’s experience with you brand is a customer journey map. It is a visual representation of all steps that a person has to take in order to use a given service and experiences connected with it.

Such maps are created based on quality research carried out with customers. Information gathered that way is analyzed, sorted through, and constitute the basis for a customer journey map that describes all steps, experiences and emotions.

Why do we do it

Results visualization

visualizing results of quality research fosters better understanding of the process seen through clients’ eyes.

Key moments

you are able to see pain and delight points of a given process – including what frustrates or irritates your customers as well as what works well.

Task management

you are able to pinpoint all elements of the process that need improvement or better communication.

Understanding in a team

you build common understanding of experiences and customer’s perspectives in order to focus on improving rather than clearing up misunderstandings.

Starting point

a map becomes a starting point for designing solutions based on reliable data, not your guesses.


you make business decisions based on clear feedback from your customers.

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