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Build your ideas

Prototyping involves transforming ideas into tangible objects in order to test them with customers. It is one of the key stages of Service Design Thinking process but may be also implemented independently.

Go from words to actions and save

Owing to prototypes, we stop endless discussions about our solution, and let others simply experience how it works. It gives us feedback on early stages of the project, and thus we can dynamically introduce changes and adapt the solution to customers’ real needs. Using prototypes helps saving resources (time, money, people) by decreasing the number of changes made in the end solution.

What prototypes look like?

They take various forms – from easy drawings and storyboards or role-playing to even clickable apps, paper constructions, paperboards or Lego blocks.

What do customers say?

  • While working with FUZERS, you get an energy and knowledge bomb. Krzysztof Ożóg guided us through the design thinking process, described goals of each stage in a coherent way, and managed a cycle of meetings that lasted over 2 months.

    Łukasz Wiktor
    Head of Retail Products and Processes Department
  • „When can you say that a training brought you desired effects? For sure, when after 8 hours of intensive workshops, participants are on the edge of their seat and want more. They read more, discover “new” in themselves and their environment, they simply want to change. That’s what creative sessions with Piotr do. Professional and inspiring. ”

    Roksana Popowicz
    Product Manager, Societe Generale Poland
  • I invited Piotr to participate in workshops dedicated to designing experience of corporate clients during purchasing or opening banking products. Even though Piotr was time limited and had a lot of requirements regarding the scope of workshops and its results, he managed to do a great job. His preparation, professionalism and engagement was highly appreciated by participants. I do recommend his service and customer experience design skills.

    Klaudia Pilch
    Transformation Manager, ING Bank Śląski

Create service prototypes with FUZERS

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