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In-depth Interview (IDI)

A discussion sounds better, though. In order to understand hopes, desires and aspirations of people that we design for, we simply talk with them. It’s that simple! Designing focused on people is based on empathizing and understanding needs that our interviewees tell us about in their own words. All words are important, even minute details, that may seem irrelevant, matter. It is a source of priceless knowledge and inspiration.

At FUZERS we conduct in-depth interviews (IDI), focus group interviews (FGI) and depending on the project, we combine these methods or utilize non-standard forms (dyad, mini groups, confrontation groups).

Research workshops

Research workshops help us gather information from a target group that we are interested in relatively quickly while taking into account points of view which are oftentimes completely different. We usually invite 10 people at most so that each person has a space to voice his or her opinion. Inviting people with completely different approaches, e.g. a heavy user and a total hater, is a must. This method of research allows us to utilize our training and facilitation skills, and we try to get as much insight as possible because it is essential in our project work.


It lets us peek into the life of a given community – we can observe, stand by and watch what happens. We usually act as outsiders because this way we can pay attention to details and make notes as we go. Observation may be overt which refers to the researcher being open about his/her intentions or covert which means that the observed group is unaware of the fact that the researcher is among them and the goal is hidden.

We sometimes decide to choose shadowing as a methods which is simply following a given research object.  It may include e.g. going to work with a representative of a given profession, observing a behavior connected with shopping or becoming a front desk or banking specialist wearing a “I’m new” tag for a day in order to understand the work of people we design our solutions for.

New Product Development

New Product Development is a process in which understanding consumers, market and benchmark is pivotal. The goal is simple: launching a product that will provide the highest value for the user. Owing to a well-planned strategy of new product development (NDP), we can avoid wasting time, money and business resources. NDP helps you plan and conduct qualitative marketing research which provides information about client’s opinions and expectations as well as precisely plan and optimize your product or service.

While following NDP rules, you can avoid:

  • overestimation and being wrong in defining the target market,
  • launching a poorly designed product or service that does not meet users’ requirements,
  • giving an unreasonable price to your product or service,
  • allocating resources, that you may not have, on cost of development that exceeds the prognosis,
  • risking and threatening your business because of unexpected competition.

Service Safari

A methods that involves immersion in a given situation and experiencing the process that we are trying to improve (e.g. check-in, visiting a garage or doctors’ office). It allows learning about the user’s perspective quickly and noticing the elements that need improvement or modification.

Use Service Safari if you want to:

  • understand the organization of work on a given job position or in a given department,
  • gather data regarding the behavior of customers, employees etc.,
  • get to know the decision-making or purchasing process step-by-step,
  • understand how your service works from users’ perspective.

They trusted us:

International research code

FUZERS conduct research according to
the International Market
and Social Research Code ICC/ESOMAR

Research report

After conducting research,
we create an in-depth report which results
are described in the language of business.

Neuro Audit

In cooperation with BlueFox

Neuro Audit is a product that provides complex examples and instructions for optimization as well as gives you something more than consumer’s elusive statements. We measure true, undirected reactions on the basis of the nervous system.

  • Eye-Trackingmeasuring eye movements and sight focus
  • Detecting emotions emotions from one’s facial expressions
  • GSRactivating the nervous system (dermal activity of the skin)
  • EEG recording electrical activity of the brain, interviewee’s emotions including engagement, focus and frustration

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