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Create and test new solutions quickly

Design Sprint and Service Jam at going from having an idea to prototyping and testing it with end-users. Such meetings are all about action rather than words.

Design Sprint

It is a structured process supporting quickly designing and testing new solutions with end-users. Design Sprint was created by Google Ventures – it takes five days and involves six to seven people. All activities are prepared, moderated and summarized by FUZERS’ facilitators so that you and your team can focus on reaching solutions that will help you meet your business goals.

If time is of the essence, Design Sprint is for you – you need a solution that is specific and verified with customers, and you need it quickly.

How does it go about?

Day 1

Defining the challenge. Defining the target group. Discussing with internal and external experts.

Day 2

Drafting and creating first solutions.

Day 3

Choosing solutions and creating charts describing processes step-by-step.

Day 4

Developing prototypes of chosen solutions and preparing for testing.

Day 5

Testing solutions with invited end-users/customers and gathering their feedback. Organizing a roadmap for implementation of the best solution

Service Jam

One to three days of intense workshops organized for a few or even hundreds of people. They work in mixed teams (e.g. people from various departments together with clients) which allows combining different competencies and perspectives – just like during a music jam. People that seem to be completely different and may have nothing in common meet to create a beautiful piece.
Every jam has a theme. Each team goes through a full project process with the support of moderators – research, analysis, generating ideas to later prototyping and testing them with end-users.

Service Jam is great if you care about cooperation, integration and raising your team’s energy as well as quickly coming up with possible solutions.

How does it go about?

Day 1

Integrating all teams, presenting a main theme, exploring and defining a challenge.

Day 2

Creating and choosing solutions, rapid prototyping and pre-testing.

Day 3

Introducing improvements to prototypes, final tests and presenting the outcome.

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Design Sprint or Service Jam?

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