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Coaching for leaders of the change

Service Design Coaching is most often applied by people working in areas responsible for innovation, designing new services and solutions, customer centricity, digital transformation or implementing working models based on Design Thinking and Service Design.

What is Service Design Coaching?

It is a support in the process of transition and transformation dedicated to leaders (individual coaching) and members of project teams (team coaching) that wish to design services and products addressing real needs of customers.

Objectives of Service Design Coaching:

Customer Centricity

Developing competences connected with being client-oriented. Looking at business model from customers’ perspective.

Service Design Thinking

Shifting your mindset and approach to designing new services and products.

Managing team work

Developing work management skills in interdisciplinary project teams.

It is worth to introduce Service Design Coaching if you:

  • are a boss or a manager that wants customers to be the center of attention
  • want to develop the ability of getting into your client’s shoes;
  • need a fresh start and a new perspective
  • are the leader of the change who has to introduce a more client-oriented approach and convince others that it is worth it;
  • are responsible for designing innovative products and services that will make your brand stand out on the market;
  • need to build and manage an internal innovation team or service/experience design projects;
Krzysztof Ożó

How does it go about?

We, our experience, methods and tools are for you to use during individual or group sessions as well as “on the job” workshops during which we support you in defined tasks (e.g. conducting research with clients, building customer journey maps, prototyping and testing solutions or preparing and managing project workshops).

Service Design Coaching lasts from 3 to 6 months but the timespan, frequency and scope of our activities is adapted to the needs of particular people or organization as well as current business challenges.

Ask about Service Design Coaching

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