We will support you in planning, conducting and summing up innovation, change and improvement processes in your business, department or project. In our work, we utilize premises and tools of Service Design Thinking. It is a five-step process (Research with the user, Analysis, Designing Solutions, Prototyping and Testing, Preparing for Implementation) offering a ready-made set of methods and tools organizing work in the process of change.Service design is all about making the service you deliver useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable.(…) So a service design project is a strategic project which uses design techniques like client research, collaborative idea generation and early stage prototyping and testing to deliver services that are built around the real needs of clients (...)". (Design Council UK)  
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Consulting support is perfect for you if you want to:

  • go out of your comfort zone;
  • be effective in creating and implementing innovations;
  • conduct an audit of services and define areas that may need improvement and changes;
  • create a customer journey map) and verify what experiences customers have with your service,;
  • teach your team more about cooperation and how to open a discussion with customers and business partners;
  • look for new development opportunities or want to implement changes in your business model;
  • develop a new service or improve and simplify what you already offer (online or offline);
  • go beyond thinking that the price is the only thing that makes your offer special;
  • improve the periodic customer satisfaction evaluation;
  • change the approach of your team for even more client-oriented and venturesome;
  • fit your offer to your target group (Millenials, seniors etc);
  • build and develop an internal innovation team;
  • do something that engages your employees, clients and business partners.

By utilizing consulting based on Service Design Thinking you will::

  • organize and shape the implementation of creative and innovation processes in your organization;
  • learn how to utilize tools and methods supporting business development;
  • base your business decisions on specific feedback and conclusions from qualitative and quantitative research with users (without guessing whether it is something they need);
  • learn to prototype and test quickly together with your users (and not with your work colleagues only);
  • validate ideas for changes and improvements quickly and at low cost (without wondering for hours whether it will work out or not);
  • teach your team to cooperate as well and to focus on the user (a lot of workshops, working in a team with clients);
  • do something different and support the innovation culture and client-oriented approach..
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While working with us, you can expect:

  • depending on your decision – take an active part in the design process during each stage or only supervise progress;
  • weekly work summaries;
  • regular visits or permanent presence of our team in your organization;
  • positive atmosphere and full engagement of our team;
  • cooperation in teams that combine various competencies;
  • to utilize your knowledge and experience while working with Service Design Thinking tools;
  • to minimize the risk connected with development of new ideas;
  • co-create and prototype with your team and the user;
  • test your solution directly with the user in real-life situations;
  • complete support from our team.

What will you gain during the consultation process?

  • A stakeholder’s map - in order to learn who should be engaged in a given project;
  • Users’ personas - to know who uses your services;
  • Customer journey map - in order to visualize and understand customers’ perspective;
  • Insight reports – to summarize the research;
  • Trend report – to be up-to-date with what influences your business.
  • Przetestowane z użytkownikami prototypy usługi - aby mieć solidne podstawy do dalszych decyzji biznesowych;
  • Prototypes of your service tested with users – in order to have the basis for future business decision;
  • Service Blueprint – to learn what external and internal activities you should undertake to deliver a new solution;
  • Storyboards – to confidently speak about changes that you want to implement;
  • Value proposition – the proposition of values to recognize what you deliver to your target group;
  • Business model – to verify how a new or improved solution will earn money.
  • A plan of implementation – to know what steps you should take to finalize the design process.