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Do you want to develop the culture of innovation in business?

The goal of the event is to develop the culture of innovation by working on implementing improvements and changes in the company, innovation in a product or a service, and education in the area of user-oriented design processes.

Inspire and integrate employees from various departments

People from different areas create teams that work on new solution. Magic happens. People engage.

How does it go about?


We start from getting to know each other and exercising, which helps raise our energy levels and provides a lot of positive emotions for the beginning of the day.


Participants work in moderated teams. We design the day in a way that allows breaking the habit of working with people from the closest environment.


Participants analyze and evaluate developed ideas in terms of determined business criteria.


Participants categorize ideas into those that will be developed and those may be done later.


Ideas that were accepted in the testing stage are later developed from business perspective based on FUZERS’ tools, and prepared for final presentation.


Presenting solutions and gathering feedback from other participants and key stakeholders.


Groups analyze feedback and introduce improvements. A roadmap for implementing changes is made (feasible propositions of innovation in business based on our ready made templates).


The day is supplemented with inspirational activities such as presentations from TED/TEDx conferences or a visit from guest experts from a given area and/or company’s customers.

Such a day needs to be well-prepared.

You and your team should focus on brainwork.
FUZERS support, organize and moderate the whole event.

Design the concept
and detailed plan of the day

Take care of all materials necessary to conduct the meeting

Prepare communication to participants

Facilitate the event and summarize its results

Find an interesting location, take care of logistics and organization

Arrange the space for work (inspirational posters, materials for participants etc.)

Find correct methods and tools for your goal

What do customers say?

  • While working with FUZERS, you get an energy and knowledge bomb. Krzysztof Ożóg guided us through the design thinking process, described goals of each stage in a coherent way, and managed a cycle of meetings that lasted over 2 months.

    Łukasz Wiktor
    Head of Retail Products and Processes Department
  • „When can you say that a training brought you desired effects? For sure, when after 8 hours of intensive workshops, participants are on the edge of their seat and want more. They read more, discover “new” in themselves and their environment, they simply want to change. That’s what creative sessions with Piotr do. Professional and inspiring. ”

    Roksana Popowicz
    Product Manager, Societe Generale Poland
  • I invited Piotr to participate in workshops dedicated to designing experience of corporate clients during purchasing or opening banking products. Even though Piotr was time limited and had a lot of requirements regarding the scope of workshops and its results, he managed to do a great job. His preparation, professionalism and engagement was highly appreciated by participants. I do recommend his service and customer experience design skills.

    Klaudia Pilch
    Transformation Manager, ING Bank Śląski

They trusted us:

Innovation Day in your company

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