Piotr Wojciechowski

A founder and CEO of FUZERS, Consultant (Service Designer)

From ideas to action.

Piotrek definitely introduces ideas into personal life quickly but also implements them effectively in FUZERS’ work and charity activities. His energy is contagious and he motivates people around him to action.

Service Design Network

A graduate of Leon Kozminsky’s Academy in Warsaw specializing in Psychology in management and Business Trainers School of SET.

First Service Design trainer in Poland accredited by multinational Service Design Network (SDN) organization. A co-creator of polish SDN branch (www.servicedesign.pl).

Service Design Thinking trainer at EY Academy of Business and a Service Design lecturer at SPSW University in Warsaw.

He implemented Service Design Thinking or Customer Experience processes and facilitation for e.g. IKEA, McDonalds, ING, Shell, Nationale Nederlanden, Interia Group, Bank Millennium, Pracuj.pl group and many others.

TEDx Lublin

Piotr is also responsible for starting and organizing one of the biggest TEDx conferences in Poland – TEDxLublin, and is a European TED and TEDx program ambassador.

The first Pole to ever receive a TED as well Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship for engaging in developing the idea of TEDx.

Apart from developing FUZERS, it is engaging in TED/TEDx community that makes him going.


He is keen on sharing his ideas, knowledge and experience in the area of Service Design Thinking, Customer Experience, facilitation, entrepreneurship and social engagement.

So far, he has participated in Łodź Voivodeship Promotion Forum, 2016 and 2017’s Marketing Progress Conference, R&D Summit, PPNT Puławy Innovation Days, 2015 and 2017’s Managing R&D projects – how to create new business models, FuckUp Nights Lublin#1, „Gra o klienta” – an internal conference of PZU group dedicated to service and experience design, 2016 i 2017’s Project Thinking Festival in Łódź, 2016 Learn, Do, Share, „Zaprojektowanie po ludzku” conference, WUD Wrocław 2017 – Because Experience Matters, TIPI UX Lublin, Impact Seminar.