What is facilitation?Facilitation is an organized way of running creative processes, meetings or workshops. Its goal is to use time more efficiently, help lead the group during the process, solve conflicts or settle disagreements and work out specific solutions.Who is a facilitator?Facilitator designs a process, guides a group and ensures that it works effectively. Facilitator is not a trainer. He does not share his / her knowledge. He / she does not have to be an expert in the field. On the contrary, it is better if he is not as it allows him / her to look at a challenge more objectively.  
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 When is it worth it to utilize facilitation?Support and competencies of a facilitator may prove useful if you organize e.g. a brainstorming session or a strategic meeting. In such situations, it is difficult to be involved in the creative process, and at the same time lead the team and ensure that the process runs smoothly and accordingly to the plan and guidelines. For that reason, it is worth to count on facilitation and find support from an external entity which is not influenced by internal personal relations or possible conflicts. Owing to that, facilitator focuses on the task and influences others toward the achievement of established goals. See how facilitation works in reality by the example of our projects for Mint Media, IKEA or Millennium Bank
We gladly support:
  • brainstorming and creative sessions in companies;
  • strategic meetings on various organizational levels (including management teams);
  • workshops regarding defining a mission and developing a vision;
  • design teams’ meetings;
  • interdisciplinary meetings of different departments within the organization;
  • yearly planning or summary meetings;
  • workshops for large groups of people;
  • design processes for developing and implementing innovation within the company;
  • building and developing internal innovation departments, accelerators etc.
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We can help you:
  • define goals of processes, workshops and meetings;
  • choose or design methods and tools;
  • design the workflow;
  • choose and train people to project teams responsible for innovation;
  • choose and prepare additional facilitators;
  • prepare necessary equipment/materials;
  • facilitate (manage) the process, workshops or meetings;
  • prepare graphic recordings;
  • prepare and summarize the effects of work;
  • manage teams accordingly to your guidelines and premisesi;
  • organize a meeting – choose a fitting space, catering, camera and video services, define communication with participants etc.