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Who a facilitator is?

Facilitator designs a process, directs a group and ensures that it works effectively. Facilitator is not a coach. He or she does not share knowledge and does not have to be an expert in the field of work. Oftentimes, it is better if he or she is not one as is allows looking on the challenge more objectively.

When should you choose facilitation?

Facilitator’s support and competences are great if you e.g. organize a corporate brainstorming sessions or a strategic meeting. In such situations, it is difficult to combine the role of an employee engaged in conceptual work with the role of a person that manages a team and ensure that the process follows the schedule and defined rules.

Thus, it is worth to go with facilitation and introduce external support – someone who is not influenced by personal relationships or possible conflicts. It makes such person focus on the job and direct the team towards a defined goal.

What do we offer?

A plan

Defining goals of meetings,
choosing work methods and tools.


Choosing and preparing additional facilitators.
Managing meetings or workshops.

Visual materials

Materials for participants,
graphic recording
and summary of work.


Selecting a place, catering as well as
organizing photo and video recording.
Communication with participants.

Facilitation with FUZERS

We design solutions for the best

We are able to use our experience from more than 20 project processes for brands such as IKEA, mBank, Pracuj.pl group, Eurobank, Skanska, Tauron Distribution or ING in your organization. We understand work in complex corporate structures and are able to design a process that will be valuable for participants and business.

We completed over 400 hours of facilitation

We managed to conduct over 400 hours of facilitation on various levels of organizations. We know how to moderate and engage project teams to provide tangible effects.

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