Deep understanding of how your customers interact with your

service or brand is crucial for any service innovation project.

Through qualitative research and methods like observation, deep interviews, customer workshop and service safaris you will discover different contexts and gain deeper understanding of your customers needs and emotions.

We are not only consumers, clients or users. First of, we are all humans. The ones who have different needs, emotions and are full of contradictions.

It is not an easy task to understand a human but we believe that it is worth trying. We will help you to get on this fascinating journey of getting out of the building and meeting humans who use your services and interact with your brand in many different touchpoints.

All that for changing perspective from “we, as a brand, know what consumers need” to “we as people, understand why humans need that”.

What can you expect?

  • Working close with your customers and our team;
  • Going out of your comfort zone (and your building);
  • Gaining new perspective on your business and challenge;
  • Taking part in field observations and insights workshops with customers;
  • Full support and guidelines from our researches during the whole process.

What will you get?

  • Stakeholder maps - to know who and how should be involved in your process
  • Detailed personas of your customers - to know who are those humans out there;
  • Customers Journey Maps - to visualize ups and downs of your service flow across different touchpoints;
  • Insights report - to have a solid summary of the research stage.
  • Trend report - to be up to date about what’s going on around your business.