We are focused on teaching how to utilize specific tools and innovative methods in real-life business situations. We base our content at the experience that we have gained in more than 20 processes implemented with the biggest players on the market (including IKEA, ING, Skanska, Tauron Dystrybucja).Our trainings are for:
  • Directors, managers and customer service, product, innovation, quality, customer relations, marketing, R&D, business development and sales specialists;
  • The management and teams running business accelerators and incubatorsi;
  • Members of teams implementing projects in the area of innovation of B2B and B2C;
  • Managers responsible for creating and developing innovation culture.
Types of trainings:Service Design Thinking Intro (2 days, open or closed)Designed for those looking for tried and tested business methods and tools supporting and organizing the process of creating innovation, changes and improvements in organizations.Creating customer journey maps (1 day, open or closed)Targeted at people who want to effectively diagnose strong and weak aspects of given services or processes. The program includes learning about customer journey maps and how to make, analyze and use them to improve one’s business.Prototyping and testing with users (1 day, open or closed)Focused on learning and trying out specific methods and tools supporting prototyping of ideas and testing them with users in a quick and efficient way. .Facilitating creative processes (2 days, open or closed)You will learn how to build an innovation team as well as how to design, conduct and finalize creative processes in your organization.
 Why the FUZERS team?
  • Our specialists (Krzysztof Ożóg, Marek Urban, Piotr Wojciechowski) have more than 10 years of training experience.
  • We have conducted more than 720 hours of trainings and workshops.;
  • We practice what we preach. Our knowledge and original tools are based on utilizing Service Design Thinking in design processes for, among others, IKEA, ING Bank Śląski, Eurobak, SKANSKA, Tauron Dystrybucja, Pfleiderer, Nocowanie.pl, Digital Care, BGŻ BNP Paribas, Santander Consumer Bank and many others;. See more.
  • Our team consists of experienced business trainers and facilitators (graduates of Szkoła Trenerów Biznesu Grupy SET as well as of other training and coaching courses).;
  • We have our own portfolio of verified business tools and methods supporting the implementation of gained knowledge.;
  • We are a part of international Service Design Network, and owing to that we have access to the latest knowledge, tools and inspirations in that area.
Feedback from participants of our trainings
  • "Tom Peters once said that „Listening to the voice of customer should be the goal of every company.” Service Design Thinking allows not only to listen but to understand. FUZERS teaches u show to effectively listen other people;
  • “Great content, a lot of examples, great exercises.”;
  • “„Inspirational, nice tools, interesting examples”.”;
  • „Mind-blowing experience with design thinking process. For sure I recommend Piotr & Fuzers”. (Radosław Świszcz, Sales Manager, ING Bank Śląski);
  • „This was an awesome journey! We've done together co-creation workshops that delivered unbelievable results: pure creativity and massive ideation. And you what? Everything was on the brief!” (Gustaw Jakubowski, Regional Marketing Manager, IKEA);
  • “When can you say that the training was effective? The answer is when after 8 hours of intensive workshops participant are on the edge of their seat and want more. They read more, discover new things in themselves and the environment, and they really want to change something.” (Roksana Popowicz, Product Manager Sogecap S.A. polish branch))
Additional information:
  • We organize our trainings mostly in Warsaw at Mieszkania Pomysłów located on Elsterska Street (Saska Kępa) which has a very welcoming atmosphere. We are open to conduct it in other cities, though;
  • Closed trainings are preceded by analysis of needs, and the program is fitted to your business needs and expectations.
  • After each closed session, we prepare a post-training report with assessment of effectiveness, feedback from participants, summary of activities and recommendations;
  • We offer subscription trainings. The time span for such projects depends on the number of participants (it usually lasts from 3 to 5 months);
  • Our training programs are supported by mentoring and coaching that facilitate effective implementation of gained knowledge in every day work;
  • We are able to conduct our trainings in Polish and English.