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  • Diagnosis and improvement of customer experience
  • New services and business models
  • Developing skills to respond to customer needs


Research and design

We will help you to get to know and understand the perspective and expectations of your customers. We will build their profiles so that you know who is on the other side. We will engage you in the research process so you have first-hand information. We will show you, in an accessible way, the most important insights for your challenge and the conclusions of the study.

Do you want to design a new service or experience? We will help you to prepare and carry out the full design process. From internal arrangements concerning the purpose and scope of operation, through team selection, research with customers, designing, prototyping and testing new ideas with them, to preparations for implementation and test introduction of a new solution to the market.

For the customer, the Product as a Service model means, above all, less risk and lower entry costs, and for you, it means the greater flexibility and the possibility of increasing revenue through additional services. We will help you to create and test your business model and provide you with a value proposition based on the services.

We will diagnose your experience with your brand, service or product. We will create for you a visualization of the steps that a client who wants to take advantage of your offer must take. On the journey map you will find, among the other things, information about key decision making moments, or about what customers like and what annoys them. This is the basis for further design of consistent and distinctive experiences.


Workshops and trainings

Do you want your teams to be more efficient in creating and implementing ideas? We will guide you through the conceptual process from gathering information, through developing and selecting the most interesting solutions and preparing them for presentation to the board. We will also invite customers to this process, so that we can take advantage of their experience, perspective and needs.

Meetings in your company take too long and end up with no specific arrangements? We can change that. We will design, conduct and develop the results of strategic project team meetings. We will show you that in a short period of time it is possible to work out valuable results while involving representatives of various business areas.

You already have ideas for new solutions? We will create prototypes and test them with yours customers. Then we will draw conclusions and recommend the way forward.

We will look for new opportunities to develop your business: we will collect and analyse trends and involve experts, clients and employees. Together we will create possible scenarios for further development and find new areas of revenue generation.

We provide training in Service Design, Design Thinking and Business Facilitation.

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Remote programs

5-day design process in the form of online sessions and offline homework. Thanks to it, you will quickly receive concrete proposals for solutions tested with clients and main stakeholders in the organization.

A series of online workshops where we work on updating value propositions for clients (internal or external) and changing the current business model.

Workshops and online trainings dedicated to internal service design, innovation and customer experience teams. They support the reorganization of work and the adjustment of work and current projects to the realities of remote work. We define the principles of working in new conditions. We select and configure tools. We set priorities and an action plan.


Preparation, conduct and summary of remote workshops and introduction of the team into online work support tools. From idea generation workshops (e.g. for “quick wins” solutions), through vision workshops and project team meetings to strategic sessions at all levels of the organization.

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Support and inspiration

For you or your team, single sessions or continuous cooperation. Above all, we want to support the leaders of change, who take care of the customer’s perspective in their daily work. We collate ideas, suggest solutions and share our experience.

You do not always need a large workshop or a process. Sometimes it is enough to consult an idea or a direction with someone from outside. If you have any questions about the methods, tools and how to carry out a given action in order to take into account the voice of the client and the perspective of the business, we invite you to the remote consultation. Precisely, and always when you need it.

We conduct presentations that aim to inspire you to look at business and the public sector through the prism of your experience. Based on our experience and examples from Poland and the world, we show how you can improve response to customers’ needs in practice.

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