A project of opening of the first IKEA Business Touchpoint was a huge challenge for IKEA Team as they had no experience of running showrooms in this segment of the market. 

That is why since the first days the Team wanted to do things in a different way in to order break a corporate approach to new initiatives. 

We were asked to help them is designing people oriented experience during one of the most important moments in this project - opening day of the first place of this kind in IKEA network.

IKEA Values

The team wanted to focus on 3 different groups of participants – IKEA workers, Media and Enterpreneurs.

The point was that they have completely different needs and expectations toward this kind of event. 

Also it was important to create a concept based on IKEA values and business and strategic goals of the IKEA Business Touch Point.

Research stage

We started with a series of qualititative interviews with each target group. In this way we collected a lot of insightful data about needs and expectations of our future participants.

Interviews were followed by desk research on event trends, opening events examples and best practices in brand experience design worldwide what gave us wider perspective on possible solutions that we could implement.

Analytical stage

Using co-creation - together with interdisciplinary IKEA Team we were grouping insights from the interviews, desk research and our experience from event design and management (mainly from being TEDx organizers and TED participants). 

Prototyping workshop

During co-creation workshop with main stakeholders we designed prototypes of the journeys in each target group. 


After workshop we held a follow up session with the IKEA Team and an agency responsible for the communication.

During the meeting we analysed each journey in frame of IKEA Values and business goals of the event.

In this way we made a final decision about ideas, touchpoints and solutions that will be implemented.


At the end of the process we developed 3 final and detailed journeys of the participants. Each of them was followed with guidelines for organizers to help them at the implementation stage. 

"FUZERS supported us in designing customers journeys relevant to the needs and expectations our target groups. As a result we got ready to implement guideline with detailed flow of the opening event from user's perspective."

Gustaw Jakubowski, Regional Marketing Manager, IKEA

By the way! You are more them welcome to visit the place in Warsaw at Marszałkowska 89. More info here.